Skip navigation – Mandean
CFXJ – Musiklee Inzane
CFRO – DJ Sage
CHRY – Big Jacks
CJIQ – Alex Takasaki
CJLO – Brian/Amrew
CJSF – Matt Chan
CJUM – DJ @ Large
CKLN – DJ Linx
CKUT – Buddah Blaze
KBCS – Danny
KBGA – Clark
KDHX – Kate
KBOO – Deena B
KEXP – Larry Mizell
KHDC – Kazzeo & Jason D
KHOL – Claudia
KKFR – Yaya
KLMU – Charles/Honor Roll Radio
KPFA – Davey D/Wonway
KPSC – Kevin Sakoda
KRFC – Jason Eades
KRTU – Scuba Steve
KSDT – DJ Prove1
KSJS – DJ Luicidal
KSYM – Shawn Dulleye
KUBE – DJ Hyphen
KWVA – Food Stamp & Carma
KZON – Mattlocks
KZSU – Kevvy Kev
WBAI – 3D & Jay Smooth
WBCR – DJ Black Knight
WCBN – Chill Will
WCSB – Dlorand
WERS – EzDread
WHCR – CTruth
WHFR – Origix
WHPK – Pugs Atomz
WHUS – DJ Felipe
WICB – Benny
WIUX – DJ Wally Wonder
WKCR – Sucio Smash
WKDU – Nate
WLUW – 1nce Again/Gabe
WMBR – DJ Jimizz
WMHB – Jeff Oakes
WMHC – Alexia
WMNF – DJ Lazy
WMSE – Kid Cut Up
WMUA – Jordan
WNUR – Tim Stroh/Deluge
WNYU – DJ Eclipse
WPKN – DJ Halo
WPRK – Conshus/Ourshow
WQFS – Wesley E
WQHT – Peter Rosenberg
WREK – DJ En-Chant’d/DJ Fudge
WRFG – Jayforce
WRFL – Shareef
WRFT – DJ Sabotage
WRSU – Ahsan The Golden Child
WRUV – Melo
WSIA – Emilio
WSUM – Mr. Green
WUTK – DJ Wigs
WVFS – Majorca
WWVU – Eric Jordan
WXCI – Matt Serfass/DJ Enigma
WYMS – Jordan Lee


  1. Hey I would like to service you with two singles from one of artists. We definately feel it will be a good hit amongst you and your team. You can reach me at

    • We are just a chart, not a promo company. There are a number of promo companies out there that should be able to help you with the promotion of your singles. Thanks for reaching out!

  2. I’m liking what you guys are doing, great to see how you’ve united for the benefit of talented artitsts/music and reporting what is valid. Nice! If there’s anyway I can be involved or support, let me know. You can reach me at and learn more about me at
    Beantown luv!

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