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The Rapnetwork Record Breakers DJ panel consists of college and indy radio’s finest jocks from all over the U.S. and Canada. Hand picked by a group of industry professionals, the Record Breakers are literally the who’s who of college and indy radio. These DJs represent the long standing tradition of college and indy radio by being the first to expose the next big thing to their audience. Whether it be a particular artist or a new style of hip hop, college andy indy radio has always lead the way when it comes to showcasing hip hop music to the world, and the Record Breakers mission statement is to continue on with this tradition.. In addition to doing radio shows, all of these DJs contribute to the music industry in other ways, including: running their own independent labels, doing street, radio and retail promotions, making mix-tapes, writing for magazines & websites, blogging, booking shows and participating in other endeavors. While the DJs on this panel come from different regions of North America and have their hands in different aspects of the hip hop culture, ultimately our diverse membership all comes together under the common theme of good music. Chances are if the record is a success the Record Breakers had something to do with it. These DJs are the true tastemakers in their respective markets.


  1. i was wondering how i would go about sending music in to get played on the radio..who would i contact etc..any help would be a blessing. thank you

    • Hi. We are just a chart. For radio help you should get in touch with a radio promotion company. Foundation Media and Co-Sign both do good work.

  2. hey guys, my name is “sarob.” – I’m an artist from dayton Ohio just looking to submit some music. I’d love for you all to check it out.

    • We’re just a chart that compiles the weekly top 40s from DJs all over the US. To submit music you should work with a radio promotion company like Foundation Media or Co-Sign.

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