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Good evening hip hop fans! Below you’ll find our latest top 40 and top 5 adds and this week’s #1 goes to Amp Live (of Zion I) with his single “Closer To the Sun (Colorado Dreamin)” out on Plug Research. Also in the top 5 are singles from Sa-Roc, The Immortals Project, Ant Grant, and Mr. Green & Malik B.

This week’s most added single is “Equinox” from MindsOne & Kev Brown out on Ill Adrenaline Records. Be on the lookout for their album Pillars dropping April 1!

Til next week…peace!

Top 40-

1, Amp Live, Closer To the Sun (Colorado Dreamin), Plug Research
2, Sa-Roc, True Mastery, AVX Records/Sol Messiah Music
3, The Immortals Project, On The Rise, Shining Shadow
4, Ant Grant, Notice Me, AntGrant Music
5, Mr. Green & Malik B, Definition, Noisey/VICE Records
6, YL f. The Finnatticz, Booty Bounce, Sole Roc Productions
7, Crawdad, Where The Moon Stays, Shanghai 30 Entertainment
8, CEOSilkk, Time For Myself, White Label
9, Alterbeats f.Tragedy Khadafi & Divine, 7th Dynasty, Alter Prod.
10, Grieves,Shreds, Rhymesayers
11, KVBeats f. Rashad & DJ Rob Swift, You Know The Rules, Ill Adrenaline Records
12, Prince Po & Oh No, Toxic, Wandering Worx/Greenstreets
13, SK, Not Like Brooklyn, BX Media LLC
14, Chaos f. Lee Mazin, Tell Me, Born2Win Ent.
15, Tyrone, Work Boots,
16, Dysfunkshunal Familee f. Napoleon Da Legend, Always Funky Fresh, Narcata Records
17, Mr. Jonez, Addicted, JonezyBoy Ent.
18, Drex, Where You From,
19, PrezSport (El Prez & Jansport J), Same King, Small Chronic Break Recordings
20, Vicky Green, Fascade, Devoon Edutainment
21, Demrick f. Mistah F.A.B., Purple, T.I.D.E.
22, The 17th f. Spoke In Wordz & Fokis, Rubbish, Loyalty Digital Corp
23, Rock Mecca, W.A.S.C.(Rebel Anthem), Rebel Vein Entertainment
24, Struggle The Blind Chemist, The Essence, White Label
25, NJ Threat, Megaman, Worldwide Fam
26, G.L.A.M., M0bb1n, Kalifornia Dreamin/Good Lyrics and Music Group
27, Slum Village, Yes Yes, Ne’Astra Music Group
28, Silent Knight and The Band Called FUSE, Soul Rock Anthem, White Label
29, Vigalantee, The Poet (1993 Rewind), Phatahdat Records
30, Zion I, Masters Of Ceremony EP, Live Up Records
31, Deron, Blue Pill, Deron Music
32, Fredro Starr x Audible Doctor, The Truth,Mad Money/Universal
33, Awkword f. Chaundon, Gas Land (Frack Off), Sub-City Prod/DJ Booth
34, Fearce Vill f. Davey Jones, Yvette Glover, Yuk The World
35, Uncle Paulie, Super Bad, Hot Ta Def Records
36, Ohmega Watts f. Nino Moschella, Good Fun, Mellow Orange
37, The Coalition, Struggle For Real,
38, Voli f. J. Cole, Sound of Love, Soulspazm Records
39, Black Knights, The Joust, Record Collection
40, L.A.C. (Los Angeles Classics) We Got Girls U.B.O.K.


1, MindsOne & Kev Brown, Equinox, Ill Adrenaline Records
2, Tableek, Monie$, Burntberry Music
3, Sidewalk Chalk, Memory’s Plea, Self-Released
4, The 2 Live Crew, Take It Off, Lil Joe Records


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