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Good afternoon and greetings from the RNRB crew.  Below you’ll find the latest top 40 and top 5 adds from the DJs.  This week’s #1 goes to Portland OR’s Animal Farm with the single “Test of Time” featuring Talib Kweli on the Focused Noise label.  Also in the top 5 are tracks from J the S, Nottz Raw & Asher Roth, Skee Lo, and Long Island’s Whyteout.   This week’s most added goes to Pacewon & Mr. Green with “Ever Since,” but right on their tail is singles from Chief Justice, Kreayshawn and Cold Heat f. Blacastan & Craig G.

Have a great week!

1, Animal Farm f. Talib Kweli, Test Of Time, Focused Noise
2, J the S f. Jon Hope & Franco Anthny, One Day Left, Greater Good/Same Plate
3, Nottz Raw & Asher Roth, Enforce the Law, Raw Koncept/School Boy Music
4, Skee Lo f. Akapello, Burning Up, Skee Lo Music
5, Whyteout, Leave Me Alone, RockProp Productions
6, Manhattanites, Come On In, RaPoets
7, 4Two7 f. Casual, Comedy Central, The Fairview Group/RBC
8, Curtis Young, The Delivery, Young Entertainment/Omni
9, Baron Von Alias, Move Over, Burn Block Beats
10, Don Streat f. Ruste Juxx, Go Ahead Take It, DDAM Records
11, Reks, Underdog, Show Off/Brick Records
12, King Magnetic f. General Steele, Esoteric, Ali Armz, Godilla, Jus Allah & Vinnie Paz, Watch Out, King Mag Music
13, Dysfunkshunal Familee f. Agony & O.C., Just Keep Holding, Narcata Records
14, Renegade Foxxx, Way Down (Remix), Still Hustlin’
15, Shabazz Palaces, An Echo From The Hosts Profess Infinitum, Sub Pop
16, DreadChild f. Nature, I Don’t Make Believe, Damali/Regulator
17, Hail Mary Mallon, Smock, Rhymesayer
18, Frank Delano, Oparh & Hov, Quality Music
19, O. Allen f. Ghostwridah, Same Me, 24 Seven Hustla Ent
20, Phoenix Flames, Everybody Up, RegineNY
21, Nicamari, Burn It Down, Star B Ent./Kedar Ent./Fontana/Universal
22, Declaime, Quartz, Someothaship Connect/E1
23, StartYourOwnRebellion f. J.Cole, Let It Go, RebelYouthSociety
24, Natural, I Don’t Play, Stay Puft Prod.
25, Longevity, Tantrum ,Decon
26, Dice Raw, 1995, Soulspazm Records
27, Tich Lange, Eyes Closed, Resolution
28, Suspens, Red Kups & Kush, Suspens Recordings 
29, Blaq Poet, Mortuary Music, Brutal Music/Brick Records
30, Universol, N.E.W.S. (Bang Bang), White Label
31, Pete Marriot, The Champ Is Here, HipNott Records
32, The Electric, Toot Toot, OGS
33, G-Ball, 1 Of A Kind, DAMG Ent. (TIE)
34, Mr. Sobers aka Maestro Montana, Hustle, Illregular Instrumentals
35, Distant Relatives, Death To A Taxi, Distant Relatives Music
36, Ajaxxx, Blow, Ajaxxx Records
37, Kar-Lethal, Rock Star Tatted, Suspens Recordings
38, Lyrics Born, Coulda Woulda Shoulda, Decon
39, Effect f. MC Esoteric, Kill Your Idols, LWTDRL
40, Rock Most f. Tru.Ski The Transmitter, Rock With Me, Dirty Bomb Records


1, Pacewon & Mr. Green, Ever Since, Raw Poetix
2, Chief Justice, Final Destination, White House Prod.
3, Kreayshawn, Gucci Gucci, Columbia Records
4, Cold Heat f. Blacastan & Craig G, Raising The Bar, Soulspazm Records
5, Curtis Young, Natural High, Young Entertainment/Omni


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