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Good afternoon. Below you’ll find the latest top 40 and top 5 adds from the short Thanksgiving week, and we definitely have a lot of dope music to be thankful for. This weeks #1 comes from supergroup 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanlogy) with their new single “You Should Go Home” featuring Bun B & Masspike Miles. This has been a favorite among our DJs for months, so shout to Brick Records for putting out the good stuff. Also in the top 5 are singles from the veteran Greg Nice, indy favorite Cymarshall Law, and newcomers E Dawg and Hip Hop’s Damage Control. This week’s #1 add is “Where Did The Night Go,” the new single from M.E.D. on Mobb North Records.

To all Record Breaker DJs: Please note that the last charts for 2010 are due on Wednesday, December 15. The first charts in 2011 will be due on on Wednesday, January 12, 2011.

1, 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanlogy) f. Bun B & Masspike Miles, You Should Go Home, Show Off/ST./Brick Records
2, Greg Nice, Get It Get It, One Haven Music/Industry Rule 4080
3, Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz, Believe This, XOXO Records
4, E Dawg, I Dip, Rhyme Cartel
5, Hip Hop’s Damage Control, Constant Battle, Delanor Baychester Prod.
6, Serum & Manifesto, Manic City, TyrannoSerum Records
7, Distant Relatives f. The Grouch & Eligh, Celebrate, Distant Relatives Music
8, Nottz f. Black Milk, Blast That, Raw Koncept/Traffic Ent. Group
9, Mac Wayne f. Alex Duncan, Touch You, M.A.C. Enterprise
10, Sonny Bonoho, I Know, Blackworld Ent./Twenty Fifty
11, Trademark Da Skydiver, Up Here, Shameless/FrankRadio/iHipHop
12, Mic Boogie, We Be On Fire, Costa Music
13, D. Rose, Life On Film, Blackworld Ent.
14, Renegade, Bang Bang, Still Hustlin Records
15, Universol, I Need You, Universol Music
16, Mic Stylz, Fantasy Team, Golden Warrior Media
17, Spectac, Superman, Domination
18, 2 Hungry Bros f. 8thW1 & Janelle Renee, Everyday, Domination Recordings
19, Coole High, Sir Reel, ReddOktoba Productions
20, P. Novakane f. Unique, Me and You, V-Boyz Music Group
21, DJ Mickey Knox & DJ Concept f. L.E.G.A.C.Y. Kaleber & Typ Ill, Ya Gone (DJ JS-1 remix), F Train Music
22, Miles Jones, Never Wrong, Mojo Records
23, J-Live, Undivided Attention, Triple Threat Prod.
24, D-Sisive, The Riot Song, URBNET Records
25, M-Tri & DJ Leecy T, Suicidal Hype Sh_t, 410 Entertainment
26, Lupe Fiasco, The Show Goes On, Atlantic Records
27, Saigon, Bring Me Down, Suburban Noize
28, Arash f. Peace Be Free, Code of Conduct, SoFull Ent.
29, Rodney-O & Joe Cooley, Eat Em Up, Hood Muscle Ent
30, IDE & DJ Connect f. Ill Bill, Re-Arrange The State, Creative Juices
31, The Good People, How I Represent, White Label
32, Nems, Impeccable, Creative Juices
33, Rankin Ruff, Mi Naw Done, Dragon Eye Music
34, Big Remo F. 9thmatic & Ricky Ruckus, Woop Woop (Stand Back), Its A Wonderful World Music Group/Traffic Ent. Group
35, Foul Mouth Jerk f. The Artifacts, Back Up On The Scene, GFE Music
36, Sharpe Eye Witty, No Place Like Home, Shocksound/White Label
37, Pigeon Hole f. Moka Only & Itchy Ron, Looptape, URBNET Records
38, The Electric f. Yarah Bravo, Beautiful, OGS
39, JR & PH7 f. Sean Price & Olivier DaySoul, Persuasion, Foundation Media/Soulspazm
40, The Left, Desperation, Mello Music Group


1, M.E.D., Where Did The Night Go, Mobb North Records
2, Mic Crenshaw, Yeah, Globalfam/Focused Noise
3, Moke & Tone f. Crooked I, Mr. Met & The Problemaddicts, Respect , Mystika Music
4, Never Yet Contested, retro, TruStatement Entertainment
5, Baiyu f. Fred the Godson, Take A Number, Baiyu Chen Publishing


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